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Welcome to web presentation of non-profit ecological organisation
    "Plant Your Tree"

As the name suggests, the purpose of our organisation is to promote planting of trees. The basic idea is that, by mere living, man consumes oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. However, if each of us plants and cares of 10+ trees, we would be in balance with nature.
Not mentioning other positive effects (trees suppress noise, are home to many animals... and are pretty).

Our planet is covered by trees. But without protection, the trees will disappear. Why, everyone wants to travel to regions with pristine nature! That is why we support projects such as Off the White Monkey Road, enabling the real way to travel and see the world. By travelling, one explores one's own soul, too.

We planted our first 150 trees in spring 2006.
And approximately 900 by 2009.
Is it enough? Is it too little?

We know these trees would not exist without us.
It is a beginning - o
ur organisation is young but we have many ideas for improving our environment. Now we want to acquire our own land, suitable for a new mixed forest to plant trees there and take care of them.
And organize ecological lectures.
We welcome further ideas also from your side !

You can also visit our Tree-planting colleagues! :-)

A message for our fans residing in Malmo, Sweden: Yoga på jobbet i Malmö a hemundervisning av yoga i Malmö. Enjoy!

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